November 12, 2015

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

This adventure starts exploring Banff in Alberta, Canada; a resort town which is known for its beautiful scenery and for being a popular touristic destination.


The road to Banff is beautiful, the way in which you get closer and closer to the mountains is astonishing and spectacular until it gets to a moment in which you are completely surrounded by the mountains that once you saw far away. Despite the length of the trip, which was approximately 5hrs long, once in Banff I felt rejuvenated by the magic that nature has.

I would describe Banff as a small Christmassy village in which anything could happen and even though I didn’t visit when snowing, I could breathe a Christmassy spirit in every corner, just like in the movies. Banff is recognized because of its rocky mountains, lakes, and all the nature that surrounds the place. Banff has some spots that are great for camping, hiking, exploring, and in any corner you are able to renew your energy bar.

One of the attractions I visited was a Gondola. This Gondola takes you to the top of a mountain in which there is a restaurant and a path that would take you to a lookout point with an astonishing panoramic view of Banff and all of the nature that surrounds it.

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Going back to Banff, the principal avenue (the most pretty one) it is just like from the movies, and even though there are plenty of commercial stores and a few restaurants, the walk is very nice and enjoyable; it is a street that you won’t get tired of walking and exploring.

There is something called Hot Springs in Banff that basically I would describe it as a hot public pool, which is something fantastic, the hot springs is a pool in the open-air with the water at a very high temperature.

Another great thing to do if you are looking to meet new people and have a nice time is to be in a hostel, in these places you will always meet new people that want to enjoy their time there. I absolutely recommend to be open to new people and experiences that in this type of places are frequent.

Speaking more about nature, Banff has several lakes and one of the most recognized ones is Lake Louise. Lake Louise is a lake that has a hotel right beside it, which I have no doubt that is very luxurious and expensive (if you have any information about it, share it with us) still the walk along the shore is pretty incredible, the color turquoise from the water and the size of the mountains take your breath away in a fascinating way.

This was my short adventure through Banff and I hope you enjoyed it with me. Subscribe for more adventures, and don’t forget to share your experiences and comments in the section below.

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