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December 30, 2015


I am currently living in Canada, a place where half of the year the temperature drops to big negative numbers very easily.  I have always been used to warm weather, somewhere where the winter season would last only a couple months, the temperature would never drop to those numbers, and absolutely without snow.

This winter for me is different, especially this december; it’s the first december, the first winter season that I spend it with snow everywhere. The snow are creates a christmas effect. This winter lasts 6 months, 6 months of complete whiteness all around you. And despite the quantity of snow tends to be exaggerated and mostly everybody is not charmed by it, I still find a little bit of joy around it.

Living with snow is a new lifestyle, from the boots, the how to walk in the frozen streets, to the fact of living with a day that only has morning and night (the evening completely disappears). I have learned a lot, I learned how the people changes with such a drastic climate change, and I have even learned how to enjoy every time a day has a shiny sun and to take advantage of every thing that the day has to offer.



I will end this episode here for now and I hope you enjoyed it. Now I want to know about your winter’s, how do you experience them? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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