December 7, 2015


Since I was little my imagination has been very important in my life, it has helped me see life with new shapes and colors; however, there have been some bittersweet moments too. A part of me has always lived in my imagination and because of this I left my present out of my main focus plenty of times. How? Well, I would imagine every experience that I would like to have, I would recreate pictures and situations in my head, it was like creating a movie only that when it ended and the lights would go back on I would realize what I missed. Time passed and without realizing I started a new phase in my life, a phase that I rejected at first and it took me a long time to understand it. It wasn’t until I learned how to use my imagination to create, instead of pretending to live something that wasn’t real, that I started to learn how to live and enjoy at its fullest (or at least something close to it.)

My imagination would focus mostly in my adventure in life, in that excitement for living and in different situations that would never happen. I would picture people and places that I wished to meet, likewise I would picture myself in situations that I would like to experience. Now that I look back I realize of all the present that I lost, but somehow I haven’t lost it completely, I still have my life and the excitement for living it. This energy keeps me motivated to follow the dream; however, now from calling it a dream I call it a goal it is something more solid and I feel stronger when I focus myself into pursuing it.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that imagination is something bad, more than that I live in the creative side of the imagination; it is just a matter of understanding the influence that it has towards our life. Our mind is so powerful that controls the quality of our own present, we have to take care of it because if we worry in excess about our future or even if we put our attention in something else that isn’t the real quality of our own present life, we may come to spoil the adventure of life that exists in this present moment.

I realized that my adventure started whenever I decided to accept it as it was and from there to fight for the best giving the most of me for it. It is just a matter of focusing in the ‘today’, in the present that we do have, the adventure of life that we crave so desperately starts when we decide to start living it and to accept its present shape and conditions.

Enjoy where you are, with whoever you are with, with whatever you have.

Frequently we would like to change all kinds of things that come to us, we want to change the people we are with, the places we are in, the things we have, we even want to change ourselves and we get frustrated because we don’t find the button that would change these things. The solution for this is the acceptance of how things are shaped, our attitude determines the joy that we may encounter towards life; it determines everything. (EVERYTHING)

Adventure in life is just a matter of having the attitude for it.

I will make this the end for this small lecture which hopefully I will continue in the future, and follow me in social media to keep you updated with all the new content.


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