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September 25, 2015

Life is a constant flow, either you go with it or you’ll drown.

  Do you know what you want? This question is so broad that could be asked in any aspect, but in this case the question is: Do you know what you want for your life?. The answer for many could be a great job, a family, a house, great friends, being successful, but hopefully one of your answers is being happy. When we talk about happiness, we talk about this mysterious energy that is all around us and that we all are looking forward to have around. After all of this, do you know what you want?

We are the creators of our own life by the decisions we make day by day. This idea is incredibly amazing and at the same time incredibly terrifying; with just one decision we can be all that we’ve ever wanted to be, or with the absence of it we can become into nothing.

I constantly find myself struggling with decisions, struggling with whether which path to choose or where to go. Most of us will experience this type of struggle at a certain point of our lives, we can feel lost and with the craving of being found.

I find myself constantly over thinking about what am I going to do for the next five years and how my life would be by then. This process is a life stopper, and I call it life stopper because it takes your present life away.

With time I’ve become conscious about my decisions and about the importance of attitude towards everything I do, I’ve become aware of the uncertainty of the unknown. This uncertainty is absolutely terrifying but it’s the only door to our goals.

In the meantime I’ve put down this few points that have helped me to understand my thoughts, to act more conscious about my life and with the indecipherable game of what I want for my life.

– Write down your thoughts –

Writing it’s good, and it doesn’t matter if you feel that you are not good with it because mostly the only person who will read those thoughts its you. I encourage you to write down your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and even experiences; I have found this very helpful when I am in the need of motivation and also to keep track of any of my ideas for future reference or just to see if I’m still in the road that I want.

– Open your senses –

Listen, Observe, Smell, Feel, and Taste with more dedication. Be more aware of your surroundings and let your senses to explore what’s around you. We tend to shut ourselves down into our personal bubble separating with all the magic that it’s around us. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we have close enough to enjoy at its fullest.

– Listen to your heart –

This may sound corny, but it’s true. Listen to that voice you have in the inside because mostly that little voice it’s full of action, and action it’s what separates reality from imagination. Normally the little voice are thoughts trapped that want to come out, like project ideas, and my only recommendation it’s to listen to that voice and act on it with perseverance and joy.

– Focus and set goals –

We tend to focus in what we don’t have that we forget about the things that we actually have, or even better, all that we could have. Set goals, probably it’s to learn a new language or to practice some artistic skills, or even to start your own project. Whatever it is, it is always good to set goals because they make us to stay focus and with the head in the game. It is also important to remember that these goals should be measured according to the situation; it is good to have a big goal but more importantly it’s good to know where to start, so step by step anyone can get there.

“Plan in decades, think in years, work in months, live in days.”

I am building myself in this path of uncertainty.

Below there is a video that I created while thinking about what I wanted for me.

I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoy writing it. Please let your thoughts in the box below and share with us any experience or advice that you want to share.






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